Professional Futbol Player Career Path (PFP Career Path)

Futbol Federation PFP Career Path offers the opportunity to players in USA to experience world class Futbol Training with licensed coaches and then set forward to be signed with clubs in different leagues. Futbol Federation PFP Career Path is born after witnessing the amount of extraordinary players that US youth soccer develops. We see in these athletes World Class Players!

Futbol Federation will Scout U17 – U18, offering the players the opportunity to be signed with a Club.

We mean to find the rarest futbol talents in th US and polish them to shine like a diamond, on and off the field.

Our team can provide all the necessary support to futbol players. We can assist players in all relations with the club and sponsors during the signing of a new contract or during the renegotiation of the contract. Our experience allows us to offer soccer players the following services:


  • Promotion of young futbol players
  • Career management of professional futbol players
  • Representation for a country, region or specific futbol Association
  • Assistance during the negotiation of new contract
  • Tax planning
  • Financial planning
  • Assistance during the renegotiation of the contract
  • Liaison with several European, South & North American Professional Clubs.


As You, thousands of players in the country play their whole infancy and youth. The love for the game is a 7 to 9year process and suddenly you’re not in an MLS Academy, your grades were not there to access a first, second or third division college team, which for those few is the end of the road. Very few MLS Academy players have a chance to play in the national team and much less dream of playing in a European League, other MLS Academy players may have an opportunity to play in an MLS team.

99.99% of the young talented players have seen the end to their dreams the scenario to be a “Professional Futbol Player” is not very promising.


Yearly an average of 4 Million players register in youth soccer:

  • 4’000.000.00 players
  • 37% U10 1’480.000.00 players
  • 48% U10/U14 1’920.000.00 players
  • 12% U15/U17 480.000.00 players
  • 3% U18/U19 120.000.00 players

Varsity High School Soccer brings another 460.000 players (U15/U19) to our count

An infrastructure this robust must have successful exit plan for a large amount of athletes, yet we only have 42 players in foreign leagues.

Colombia is ranked 8th futbol player exporter. It’s a country that has grown and along its infrastructure. This opens up opportunities that Futbol Federation wants to offer US Futbol Players.


Our goal is to offer singular, extraordinary players an option to accomplish their dream of becoming a professional futbol player, providing an environment, with the best professionals that will finish the formation process. Use our existing network to set you forward to teams in Europe, South America & North America

If you love futbol and dream of becoming a professional player, join us.

Let your journey to become a pro futbol player start.